Friends' Newsletters

Whilst we try to keep you informed of forthcoming events, we also report on past items - how they went, what was achieved.

It's important that you should know exactly how the funds we have raised with your generous help are being used. Over the past twenty years, there has been only a modest call from the PCC for our help, and most work carried out has been small scale - maintenance, etc.

However, we have been aware from the very start that those funds raised to date could well be insufficient should any major work be required. In fact, this is now the case, as is reported on this website's 'About us/Work & Costs' page.

Our newsletters are illustrated and informative - have a look
at past examples on the panel above (scroll left and right).
Then click on any newsletter to open up a viewable pdf.

Caring for our two lovely 12th century Downland churches


St. Mary the Virgin, Clapham

St. John the Divine, Patching

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