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Friday 20th April 2018 was the hottest day of the year so far, and this was the hottest ticket in town! The Village Hall was packed with people giving homage to fromage and quaffing quality wine.  The Wine & Cheese Quiz arranged and hosted by Richard and Pauline Prior was, as expected, a roaring success. Four 'mystery' cheeses and four incognito wines were offered to tables of six, and questions were answered (thankfully with multiple choice answers in some cases!)

A ploughman's supper was served and even more wine was made available at a very reasonable price.


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The winning team staggered up to receive their well-deserved prizes (lower right) although they only pipped my table by one measly point.

Ed Bacon's skills of getting money out of people for the raffle made an impressive £281, and after all the expenses were taken and the revenue added, the evening made a clear profit of £753.70, a terrific result reflecting all the hard teamwork put in to make the evening go well.



St. Mary the Virgin, Clapham

St. John the Divine, Patching

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